Epoxy Impregnation Compounds for Advanced Applications

From automotive to electronics to construction equipment to communications systems, Master Bond has developed cost effective solutions for sealing macroporosity and microporosity for metals and other materials. These low viscosity systems cure at elevated temperatures to a tough, strong chemical resistant thermoset plastic.

Advantages of Master Bond Impregnation Resins

Master Bond impregnation compounds feature long-term storage stability, exceptional chemical/moisture resistance and the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. Additionally, they are fast curing, 100% reactive and easy to process.

A wide range of high quality products have been developed to offer the most reliable sealing solutions and meet specific customer specifications in metal casting, powdered metal parts, electronic/electrical components, ceramic and plastic composite applications. These impregnants have proven attractive in extending design options, accelerating productivity, lowering warranty expenses and shortening testing procedures. In many cases they have successfully outperformed competitive chemistries in difficult part configurations and have prevented part failure from fluids/gases while filling voids between two dissimilar surfaces.

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Most Popular Epoxy for Impregnation Applications

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