FDA ApprovedEpoxies that meet the FDA CFR 175.105 specification are utilized in food processing equipment in an indirect and incidental manner. To comply with this specification, all of the chemicals used in the epoxy formulation must appear on the FDA’s list of approved ingredients.

A more rigorous or higher classification for food grade systems is the FDA CFR 175.300 specification. This sensitive test consists of a protocol where the epoxy is aggressively tested for extremely low levels(<0.5 mg/in2) of extractables after exposure to solvents and/or elevated temperatures. The cured specimen is also tested for toxicological issues. Epoxies that pass this stringent test can be used for much more sustained indirect contact with food-related equipment. Additionally, when using food grade epoxies, it is important that the end user submit information on all constituents used in the end product to the appropriate agency or organization.

FDA CFR 175.300 Certified Products


FDA CFR 175.105 Certified Products