High temperature resistant, NASA low outgassing epoxy compound

Key Features

  • Very high glass transition temperature
  • Meets NASA low outgassing specifications
  • Exceptionally long working life at room temperature
  • Superior bond strength properties

Product Description

Master Bond EP62-1LO is a two component epoxy system that has an exceptionally long working life at ambient temperatures and cures rapidly at moderately elevated temperatures. It has a very forgiving 100 to 10 mix ratio by weight. The pot life of 100 grams is greater than 12 hours. Typical cure schedules range from 4-6 hours at 60-70°C, 20-40 minutes at 80-100°C or 10 minutes at 125°C. The cured epoxy resin exhibits remarkably high thermal stability with a glass transition temperature exceeding 170°C. Also noteworthy is its outstanding chemical resistance to acids, bases, many solvents and other chemicals, even at elevated temperatures (as listed in the table below). This system has excellent electrical insulation properties. The color of Part A is clear and Part B is dark brown in color. EP62-1LO is primarily used as an adhesive, sealant and coating where the epoxy will be exposed to very aggressive conditions as well as where a long open time and NASA low outgassing are required.

Industrial Certifications

ASTM E595 Compliant



Double Barrel Cartridge


Gun Applicator



EP62-1LO is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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