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Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology describes the development of mechanical devices of extremely small dimensions that are driven by electricity. MEMS devices are manufactured by way of micro fabrication, linking micro sized mechanical components with electrical components to withstand exposure to various environments. MEMS devices incorporate a number of micro machined features, most acclaimed of which are MEMS micro sensors. Because these micro sensors can so accurately gauge flow, pressure, acceleration and temperature of their surroundings, MEMS technology can be applied in a growing number of industries, including aerospace, biotechnology, medicine and telecommunications, at a more reasonable cost compared to that of ordinarily larger equipment. Some examples of applications in these industries include: biochips for detection of hazardous chemicals and MEMS pressure sensors for respiratory monitoring and blood analysis.

Master Bond has contributed to this expanding market by tailoring its encapsulation methods to help prevent device contamination. Our team of engineers has developed an extensive product line of optically clear coatings, adhesives, encapsulates and impregnates that exhibit excellent long-term stability and exceptional resistance to unfavorable environment exposures, including moisture.