tech tip icon Master Bond liquid and film adhesives are freshly prepared to maximize shelf life. End users need to strictly follow storage directions on the data sheet for the product they are using. If not stored properly, the product will not perform as it is supposed to. Do not use a product beyond its expiration date. The date of manufacture is clearly shown on each label. (Also, please follow instructions on the MSDS sheet for proper handling.) Typical storage conditions for two component epoxy adhesives are ambient temperatures (20°C to 25°C) in a dry location in original unopened containers. Once containers are opened material should be kept free from moisture, dust, high/low temperatures, etc. Cold temperatures will cause epoxies to become thicker or more difficult to handle. Additionally lids should be placed back on proper containers, tightly sealed and applicators such as spatulas be thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. Premixed and frozen two part epoxies require storage at -40°C and have a 6 month shelf life. Specific one component epoxy systems also need to be stored at 40-50°F. These products should only be dispensed when they are brought down to ambient temperature. They are available for use in syringe and cartridge applicators. It is important to note that special care must be taken when storing hazardous, corrosive and flammable chemicals. These products may require specialized cabinets, separate storage areas in a building or in outside storage areas. All pertinent local, state, federal and international regulations need to be followed.