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Choosing the most effective adhesive for an electronic application involving sensors is critical. Since sensors work by responding to outside environmental factors such as heat, light or motion, it is crucial to use an adhesive that will not impede on the components’ ability to gather outside information.

Master Bond EP21ARLV is a low viscosity epoxy capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to a wide range of acids and chemicals while maintaining excellent electrical insulation.

Learn about our line of UV10 adhesives that meet USP Class VI approval for use in medical device manufacturing. These systems feature unique flow properties, along with optical clarity and fast curing times.

Master Bond two part epoxy EP62-1AO resists acids, bases and solvents while maintaining excellent strength properties.

Most effective underfill epoxies such as EP29LPTCHT have low viscosities and feature high dimensional stability as well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Master Bond EP21TPHT is an epoxy polysulfide compound that withstands temperatures up to 350°F - giving it a higher resistance to elevated temperatures than most polysulfide systems.